Public Lectures

TEDx Talk on Humans, AI, and Stereotypes

In May 2017 I gave a TEDx Talk titled "Serendipity Beyond Stereotypes", where I talk about one of my research topics, namely Author Profiling, especially in terms of gender, and argue that humans and machines are complementary in finding indicative clues. I also argue that machines can surprise us, and make us think in a way that is less bound to stereotypes hardwired in our brains.

Mini-Lecture, Lecturer of the Year 2016

Here is where I explain, in 9 minutes, the field of Author Analysis This mini-lecture was given in the Aula of the Academy Building in the context of the 2016 Lecturer of the Year election at the University of Groningen. More info here

Unifocus video, 'Who Wrote the Text?'

I was asked to tell in less than 2 minutes how we train machines to tell whether two texts are written by the same person or not. This is a field called "Authorship Attribution", and there was recently an article on The Economist about this. And more info about the video is here.

Aftermovie of the PhD Day 2017

On September 22nd 2017 I gave a plenary talk at the PhD Day on how to conduct PhD research in a not-too-narrow way. I enjoyed it very much, especially interacting with the 900+ audience of PhD students via throw-microphones! (In the video you can see me throw one.)

Interviews and Press

Education Festival

Short interview + promo about teaching and the RuG Education Festival 2018

Working with Students

Broestraat 5

Interview on my research and my way of teaching for the Alumni Magazine of the University of Groningen